About Our Wash System

Our Wash Systems

Learn more below about our different wash systems below, and which one best fits you!


Platinum wash offers three soaps. Basic, tri-foam and firebath. The firebath is applied as a blanket of soap immediately entering the tunnel. This gives the soap time to loosen up the dirt before the foam brushes. It also offers an additional rim cleaner as well as a free under carriage wash. After your vehicle has been washed and rinsed, a blanket of Carnuba Fire Wax is applied. Carnuba wax is derived from the wax of a palm plant grown in Brazil. When used on a consistent basis, it is very effective in bonding with the vehicles clear coat to protect it against the elements. Lastly, during the wash and wax process, the vehicles is rinsed again with a spot free rinse, passes through the dryers and then our revolutionary Dry N Shine spinning clothes work with the wax to not only finish drying the car, but also buff the clear coat, giving the vehicle the appearance of being freshly washed, waxed and hand dried. As the vehicle exits the tunnel spinning brushes apply tire shine. All in 3 minutes!!


Gold wash offer all of of the same amenities as above with two exceptions. The waxing agent if the Gold wash is Turtle Wax Ice Instant Shine. The undercarriage wash is not offered free. The Gold wash also offers the Dry N Shine as well as tire shine.

 Silver wash is a good basic wash that includes a full prep in the prep bay, basic soap as well as the tri-foam, rim cleaner and spot free rinse.


 Bronze wash is just our basic wash. It does not include full prep and only offers the basic soap.

 Every wash comes with full amenities at our self serve vacuum island. We do not use tokens for the vacuum. Our powerful vacuums run constantly so you don't have to worry about them "timing out" before the job is complete. Two different nozzles are offered. The traditional wide nozzle as well as a narrow nozzle so you can reach under and next to the seats. Other free amenities offered at our vacuum island include the use of micro fiber rags, terry cloth rags, all purpose cleaner, window cleaner and our automated mat cleaners which work on thin rubber mats or carpet mats. The whole process only takes 45 seconds per mat. The mat is sprayed with a light detergent, scrubbed, squeegee and dried. For stains, the mats can be sprayed with additional all purpose Simple Green cleaner prior to running through the mat cleaner. To finish up, we have a variety of free air fresheners.

***We also offer two unlimited programs for those that like to wash their vehicle once a week. For one $40 monthly charge, customers get unlimited Platinum washes as well as unlimited use of our vacuum island. We also offer this same program on the Silver wash for $30 per month.

 ***certain restrictions apply. See brochure and attendant for details.

 Stop spending hours to drag out all of the supplies to wash and wax your car at home.

 Check out our reviews on Facebook and come give us a try. Keeping your vehicle clean has never been easier!

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